Episcopal Charities Vision Fund

How do I give to the Vision Fund?

Current Gifts:
These gifts transfer assets to the Vision Fund at one.

  1. Gifts of cash. By check made payable to Episcopal Charities of Southeast Florida, Inc. Such gifts are usually tax deductible.
  2. Gifts of securities.  This type of gift is particularly advantageous to the donor if securities have appreciated.  Such gifts are usually considered a charitable deduction, thus eliminating capital gains tax otherwise owed in liquidating the securities.

Deferred Gifts:
Through estate planning.  A couple examples are:

  1. Bequest by Will.  A bequest may prescribe gifts such as a stated amount of money, a percentage of an estate or a specific asset.  Such a gift may reduce the amount of the estate subject to the estate tax.
  2. Gift of Life Insurance.  The owner can name the Episcopal Charities Vision Fund as a beneficiary of the policy.  At the contributor's death, the value of the policy goes to the Vision Fund.

How does The Vision Fund operate?

Established in 2003 as the Smith Fund, The Vision Fund is managed by the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society (DFMS) of the Episcopal Church. The board of directors is responsible for oversight, safeguarding funds and making disbursements.

Thank you for supporting our efforts
to create communities
of compassion and poverty relief
for those in the Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida

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