we can transform lives

Through our partnership with
the Diocese of Southeast Florida,
Episcopal Charities:

  • Identifies and Disburses Diocesan Human Needs Funds to parish outreach programs
  • Manages the Episcopal Charities Vision Fund and each year distributes 4% to congregations for outreach ministry
  • Responds to and helps manage disaster relief efforts and funds designated for that effort
  • Provides funds for Program Partners from a Program Emergency Fund set up to help with unforeseen emergencies
  • Provides professional development and training for volunteers working in parish outreach ministries.

Parish Partners

In partnership with our congregations, Episcopal Charities has funded over 40 outreach ministries each year since 2000, and has awarded a total of $3.5 million in support. Annually, over 170,000 families, elderly and homeless people have been reached by more than 800 parishioners who volunteer in these programs.

Affiliated Organizations

Some Episcopal parishes partner with successful community nonprofit organizations and other churches to focus on problems that they, as congregations, can better address by combining resources. 

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