The Board of Directors of Episcopal Charities has voted to offer one time Companion Diocese Small Grants designed to launch or enhance a Basic Human Needs activity or ministry (hunger, clothing, shelter and healthcare focuses) that needs an infusion of cash with the understanding that other types of support will follow.

 Episcopal Charities will offer two Small Grants of $1000 each to two different companion Dioceses of the Diocese of Southeast Florida. Two small grants will be available each year on a “first come- first serve” basis. Criteria for a successful application are listed as follows.

  • Companion Diocese Small Grant criteria is aligned with criteria for Diocesan Small Grants. (Criteria and application questions are available under Grant Applications on the Episcopal Charities website, Additional criteria are as follows:
  • A request must be for one of the companion dioceses and the two grants each year will not be made to the same Companion Diocese.
  • The program must be sponsored by a diocesan church(s)
  • Small Grants are made for programs, not individuals.
  • Like the Basic Human Needs Grant making program and Small Grants Program, the Companion Diocese Small Grant Program allocates grants to ministries/programs that address the needs of the community outside the walls of the church. Programs must be non-sectarian and contain no required religious content.
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