How to Apply for a Small Grant

After reviewing the above information to make sure the application meets Small Grants guidelines, the applicant (rector/priest in charge) will send no more than a two-page proposal to the Program and Grant Director. On receipt of the proposal, a confirmation email will be sent and will indicate if any further information is required.

Required elements to be included in the proposal are
• Date of application
• Name, address, rector/priest in charge of applicant
• Name, address, telephone number, fax and email for Project Contact Person
•Describe the project and what it is expected to accomplish, geographic areas served, and how the project accomplishes its goals
•Describe the volunteer leadership that will run the project
•Describe specifically how the Small Grants money will be used
•Briefly describe the total budget for the project and major areas of support
•Give beginning date and duration of the project
If there are any questions about making application under the Small Grants Program, please contact the Program and Grants Director.

2017 Small Grants Awarded:
•EC Small Ministries Supply Depot, St. Gregory’s Boca Raton
•Coconut Grove Community Health Fair, St. Stephen’s Coconut Grove
•Youth Mission Trip to Holy Redeemer, NPB Deanery Youth

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