Making Progress &

​Addressing Challenges

Since its inception, Episcopal Charities has donated more than $3.5 million to support the needs of the poor and needy.

Episcopal Charities of Southeast Florida, Inc. (EC) was originally established in 1999, as the Southeast Florida Episcopal Foundation directed to support planned giving efforts of the diocese. In 2006, following a $2.9 M bequest to EC from Blair and Agnes Smith, parishioners of St. Nicholas, Pompano Beach, EC changed its name to Episcopal Charities of Southeast Florida to reflect the enhanced grant making mission of the organization.

As a part of this new direction, EC focused its grant making process on feeding, clothing, shelter and healthcare for youth, the elderly and families.

In 2010, the board approved a Small Grants Program, designed to quickly and easily assist congregations seeking no more than $1000 to support new or expanded parish run ministries. In 2017, two Small Grants were added to fund companion diocesan ministries.

Today, EC funds nearly 45 ministries and programs each year throughout the Diocese. EC continues to move toward funding transformational programs that address long term change and unjust structures. An example is the establishment of a Community I.D. Program to address the needs of homeless men and women and undocumented people who have no other way to obtain an I.D. Working with Legal Aid and other nonprofits to administer this county-wide program, homeless and undocumented people would be able to open bank accounts, visit patients in hospitals, and possibly keep a person stopped for driving without a license from going to jail.

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