Messengers of
Episcopal Charities

Messengers serve as the liaison between their congregations and Episcopal Charities, letting their congregations know about the programs and work of Episcopal Charities, and keeping Episcopal Charities informed about the outreach ministries in their faith communities. Messengers were instrumental in facilitating our 2010 hunger initiative, FEEDING OUR PEOPLE.

Creating a network of Messengers, and building a diocesan-wide net of communication and collaborative outreach is one way that Episcopal Charities is seeking to fulfill our mission of "partnering with and empowering the people of our Diocese in answering God's call to respond to human needs".

For more information about becoming an EC Messenger, click here​.

Will Askew, St. Nicholas
Helen Bhagwandin, Ascension
Candace Blake, St. Christopher's
Sonia Blake, Holy Sacrament
Maureen Campbell, Holy Family
Vilma Cardoza, Holy Cross
Debra Carter, St. Andrew's
Andrea Chang, St. Gregory's
Wendy Coles, St. Paul's
Pat Crooks, St. Christopher's
Mary Faith Curtis, St. Paul's
Gail Drane, St. Joseph's
Judy Ferguson, St. John's
Rev. Sarah Fowler, St. Peter's
Greg Frantz, St. Mark's
Bryan Garner, St. Mary's
Jack Gillis, All Saints'
Lorna Goodison, St. Mary Magdalene
Priscilla Greenfield-Mannin, Trinity
Jorge Gutierrez, Holy Spirit
Barbara Harris, St. Bernard de Clairvaux
Jennifer Haynes, St. Patrick's
Marcia Hitchins, St. Faith's
Marla Holness, St. Matthew's

Rev. Mimi Howard, Good Shepherd
Rev. Charles Humphries, All Soul's
Linda Johnson, Resurrection
Rev. George Kinard, Church of the Advent
Kelly Kollar, Holy Spirit
Emily Nell Lagerquist, Chapel of St. Andrew
Michele Lane, St. James'
Janice LaVrar, St. Martin's
Randy Litten, St. Philip's
Jacky Lowe, St. James' in the Hills
Alfredo Macaya, Trinity
Malvern Mathis, St. Agnes
Delphine McDonald, St. Patrick's
Carolyn McDougal, St. Philip's
Edwin McRae, St. Patrick's
Julie Moxley, St. Stephen's
Rev. Lois Murray, St. Simon's
Maralee Pope, St. Gregory's
Louis Richards, Church of the Epiphany
Martha Richards, Church of the Epiphany
Anne Siren, St. Nicholas
Lisa True, St. Luke's
Art Wittman, St. George's

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