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Episcopal Charities provides over $320,000 annually in grants to parishes of our Diocese and its Program Partners, which carry out life-giving ministries of providing food, shelter and other forms of help, as well as human contact and love for those who are often isolated. Most of the money for these grants comes from our diocesan human needs budget and Episcopal Charities Vision Fund, from which we use 4% of the Fund's market value, currently approximately $3.5 Million annually.

The remainder comes from other donations we receive throughout the year. The grants we provide to assist the poor are put to use in effective programs, carried out by dedicated volunteers, often in communities which otherwise lack adequate resources to help the poor. Every other year, our Matthew 25 Committee meets and recommends to the EC board grants for the following two years. They do so in the face of requests for assistance which exceed our ability to respond. It is our hope that we can increase our Vision Fund to expand our ability to meet human need through the programs the people of our Diocese are ready and wanting to carry out.

Episcopal Charities of Southeast Florida
the Episcopal Charities Vision Fund

The purpose of the Vision Fund is to provide outreach funds for parish run and 501(c3) outreach partners, in perpetuity. While every donation large or small assists in our work of ameliorating human need in our diocese and is gratefully received and put to work for that purpose, it is felt that some may feel called to give larger amounts through gifts or bequests to enable us to expand our programs of outreach to those in need.

A gift to the Episcopal Charities Vision Fund works in perpetuity
to provide more assistance to those in need.

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The Episcopal Charities Legacy Program operates much like a community foundation:

  • Tax exempt, non-profit, philanthropic organizations with the long-term goal
    of building permanent funds for the broad-based public benefit of the residents in a given area.
  • Designed to pool small and large contributions into a coordinated investment and grant making facility dedicated primarily to the social improvement of a given place.
  • A flexible, efficient, and tax-effective way for donors
    to ensure their charitable giving achieves the greatest possible impact.
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