After Hurricane Irma devastated the Middle Keys in mid-September 2017, Hammock House was the only after school program to open up as the children went back to school

A normal schedule was maintained, one family with five children was provided the money needed to get a moving truck to move where they had a greater support system. The kids came back for summer camp and shared how happy the move has been. Since the hurricane, Hammock House has partnered with Project H.O.P.E. where a four-week counseling class with the kids, "kidding around yoga" was offered.

In addition, a trainer was brought in to teach the kids calming techniques with yoga poses. A Yale training program using therapy dogs was included to teach the kids empathy, all while helping with homework and making sure the kids had a good meal before heading home.

And, the children were taken on field trips. Finally, a week-long camp during Christmas break and spring break were held. Hammock House continues to be a wonderful support and resource center for families in distress in Marathon, Florida.

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