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50th Diocesan Convention

It was such an honor to participate in and to celebrate the 50th Convention of our Diocese of Southeast Florida!  As the new kid with Episcopal Charities, I learned so much about our rich and meaningful history.  I was able to connect faces with emails and phone calls.  What a beautiful and welcoming environment we have and I’m in awe of so many of you! 

What excited me most is the vision of where we’re going …

To see our church and Diocese guiding us to live our lives in love, acceptance, with human kindness, and out loud is a precious gift.  This gift allows us to be free to serve God’s Will for us, and I am truly blessed to be a member of this “family”!

With gratitude,

Rhonda Clinton,
Executive Director
Episcopal Charities of SEFL

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Samba’s Story

Samba's Story

“A Life Forever Changed”




A young homeless man started coming to Feed My Sheep for meals and showers. We learned that Samba was from Sierra-Leone; that he recently migrated here to escape a civil war in which he lost some of his family; that he had a degree in engineering but ended up on the streets because he could not find work.  Feed My Sheep ministry leaders took charge and helped him find a job in an aircraft parts business, and they helped him move to Arkansas.  Samba emailed us to tell us how happy he was with his new life and living in Arkansas.  He couldn’t express enough how much he appreciated our help.

With St. Philip’s Feed My Sheep ministry and their commitment to serving Miami’s poor and homeless, so many others can have these same opportunities to rebuild their lives.

St. Philip’s Episcopal Church and Episcopal Charities thanks you for your support of this Ministry through your annual gift, and your precious donated time and talent.  In the words of Jesus: “When you do unto the least of these, you do unto me”.

Thank you St. Philip's Coral Gables!!

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